Staying at home with your kids is just as hard as going to an office; the only difference is that you are probably not paid to do the former.

I learnt early in life that being a stay at home mom doesn't mean you should be a full-term housewife. My mom wasn't a 9-5 working woman, but she augmented my father's income by doing series of petty businesses.

Those petty businesses have transformed into some high profit businesses a stay at home mom can get involved in these days. Here is a list of 5 easy ones to try out.

1. Child Day Care

Home childcare business offers a potentially lucrative and long lasting business opportunity. You are already staying home with your kid(s), why not invite a few others to the party?

All you need to get started is a constantly clean home environment that can appeal to parents. Parents are the ones that need the assurance that you are doing a great job (and assuming you are).

Of course, it's a regulated business so you have to ensure you comply with the laws and regulations guiding the operations of this business.

 2.       Food Business

You don't need a certification in cooking for you to start a food business, all you need are skills and a passion to deliver excellent service. The amazing thing is that whether you are looking at pastries or proper food, food markets itself. Start with the cooking utensils you have and rent those you don't. You can plough back a large percentage of your profit from every cooking you do till you get all the equipment you need to execute your jobs. Start small with family and friends. If you love to cook on a grand scale, you can start your catering business out of your home. Do not accept a job for 300 people when you have not catered for 20 people unless you want to contract it out to another caterer.

3. Tutoring

A background in education is helpful for tutoring business, but not necessary. All you really need is a degree and some great skills in one or more academic areas, and you can help parents monitor the academic progress of their children. You don’t have to own a Tutoring business, you can register under an already established one as a tutor. You should be ready to give some hours to this business and to hold the lessons at your clients chosen venue. Just be committed to delivering what you sign up for and you can successfully make some pretty earnings in your own comfort. 

4. Content Management

Businesses always need content managers in various forms: graphic designers, social media managers, website managers, etc. to help them convey information through logos, advertisements, posters, websites and the likes and also manage the hosting platforms sometimes.

The social media has become a home for many, and a lot of companies want to leverage on this fact to reach out to their customers. That's where you come in. You can help them engage their target market on their social media platforms. While it is possible to be self-taught in any of these areas, a certification is an added advantage. Other than the cost of design software (if you're a designer) and internet data, this business has a little overhead and can be done at the comfort of your home with a dedicated computer.

5. Handicraft business

If you are the very innovative type, then this is for you. There are many handicrafts to choose from: bead making, shoemaking, beauty products making, washing soap making, makeup and gele tying, etc. The beauty of this business is that it is not capital intensive and the returns are massive in comparison.

Sewing is on the list but Fashion has become so big now to be called a craft. Acquire the necessary skills and do a lot of practice before selling your products out. This is one business that defies the laws of demand and supply. Sometimes the higher the price, the more the turnout of customers if you deliver on your brand promise.

Working in a controlled environment is not as much fun as working from the comfort of your home and at your own convenience. It is important to make some earnings without relying on salaries these days; even those who have that office job want to have a side hustle, but their time is controlled. It is a pretty advantage that your time is yours and you can make it earn money for you. Make a move towards your financial freedom today by embracing one of these markets tested ideas.