Being your own boss allows you the full managerial control of your business. From the moment you decide to be an entrepreneur, you start making decisions on how to access adequate finance for your start-up and getting requisite training on how to run your business.

One of the most important decisions you make is choosing the right financial solution for your business. This is why First Bank of Nigeria Limited, in recognition of your need for financial freedom offers you FirstGem Lifestyle for Women, a bespoke financial solution that enables you to grow your business and achieve your financial goals and aspirations.

FirstGem offers you an array of opportunities to help your business grow, among which are these five (5):

  1. Personalised target saving scheme: This comes in variants of Savings and Current accounts that allow you pace your savings to meet set milestones in building your investment portfolio and business. One of the benefits this grants you is access to soft loans for bridging the gap between receiving an income and meeting your expenditure.
  2. Access to training and workshops: You will receive invites to FirstBank hosted workshops and other training opportunities to support women-led businesses, especially SMEs.
  3. Access to single digit loans: With FirstGem, you would be able to access low-interest rates from government intervention funds for women, such as the Bank of Industry (BOI) Women's Fund, the CBN MSME fund and several other funds that are tailored to support women in business.
  4. Access to advisory services: With FirstGem, you will enjoy free business advisory, regular features, and insights on myriads of business opportunities in various sectors of the economy from a women-focused website community.
  5. Lifestyle enhancement opportunities: For your business to thrive, it'€™s imperative you live a healthy lifestyle; the reason FirstGem offers you special promotions and discounts on lots of women and family lifestyle improvement products at select merchant outlets across the country.

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur? With FirstGem, you need not worry anymore. There is something for every woman, be they professionals, entrepreneurs, SMEs, middle class or and low-income earners, traders, as well as artisans spanning across all sectors.

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