Although many of us dreamed of our wedding when we were younger, we probably didn't get to process how much the big day would actually cost. It's only after we've become adults and have dealt with some grown-up stuff like house rents and certain contributions, that the true cost of a wedding really hits home. Going into debt because of a wedding isn't exactly the most romantic way to start a marriage, so read on for suggestions to help you save money on your wedding.

  1. Cut the Guest list

Divide your guests into groups: immediate family, closest relatives, extended relatives, family friends, friends, acquaintances, kids, coworkers, etc. Once you've both classified your lists, see if you can trim the list by removing entire categories or choosing to invite few from each category. Maybe you can both nix the young kids, the acquaintances, and the coworkers. Keep going until exceptions start to pop up, and then evaluate each possible guest individually.

If you haven't seen someone in a long time, then they can probably be considered for your cut list. (Think childhood friends and old acquaintances.) A good rule of thumb: you should invite the people who know your fiance the people who have spent time with you as a couple, who play a part in your present lifestyle.

  1. Embrace the Digital Age For Invites

While printed invitations are lovely, the purchase price adds up, especially when factoring in overseas mailing rates. If a simple email invite isn't your style for anything fancier than a weekend bar night or birthday party, then consider making a personal video to share the wedding details online or better still, use bulk SMS.

  1. Get a Day-Of Coordinator Instead of a Wedding Planner

If you find it hard to organize your wedding without a planner, then consider a day-of coordinator, who will make sure your wedding day goes off without a hitch. According to Offbeat Bride, "A good DOC will do quite a bit of troubleshooting for you in the weeks prior to your wedding". So even if you think you don't have the strength to go it alone, you need to break a bank in a bid to get help.

  1. Create a Few Signature Cocktails

Give your guests a taste of your personality as a couple by serving a signature drink or two. You'll limit the amount of alcohol imbibed since you can incorporate inexpensive mixers, and you can choose a less-expensive brand of alcohol. Not only will this selection help you stick to your budget, but also, your guests will enjoy the taste of natural. Another option is to create a serve-yourself cocktail bar which would let you control the amount of alcohol your guests consume when you provide dispensers with a couple bases (say, a raspberry lemonade vodka mixture). But give them plenty of fruits and other fun mixers to create something unique. This will help you cut down on the cost of expensive liquors for the rest of the reception.

  1. Sell Your Stuff After the Wedding

Sell your stuff! Once the wedding is over, round up anything that is still in good condition and sell it. You'd be surprised by how many people are looking. You can sell your arch, carpet runners, anything purchased for centrepieces (such as vases), and unused candles. Sell your wedding dress. Honestly, when are you going to wear it again? Do you really think your future daughter will want to wear it? It's a novel thought, but come on styles change! Are you wearing your mother's wedding gown? You can even rent a wedding dress, it's just for a day, isn't it?

It's your wedding and you deserve for it to be as glamorous as you want, but at the same time, watch your wallet. You don't need to borrow or break the bank.