‘Rain has knocked at our door’.

 Rain makes everyone feel good as it has a cooling effect on the hot Sunshine. 

Some people enjoy great pleasure in this season, while others mumble at the thought of disruptions the rain would create.


Deciding on the kind of colour of outfit to wear could prove to be a dilemma during this period, because of the constant rain and little sunshine we get to experience.

As women, we love to look good, come rain come shine. However, here are some colours to avoid putting on so you could still remain neat and classy regardless of how heavy the downpour might be.

1. Sky Blue

2. White

3. Lemon

4. Orange

 Plain and bright/pastel colours as listed above, when worn in the rains are prone to getting stained easily. No one really likes being seen with mud all over.

Instead, it’s always advisable to put on slightly darker shades/colours such as

1. Navy blue

2. Brown

3. Black

4. Grey

5. Wine

 Dark multicoloured clothing are equally effective in hiding any splashes. 

There are other colours you may choose to wear to add to your dress style, that could also suit the season, but it’s best to keep to some of the colours mentioned above and keep your attire simple. 

Try to avoid wearing transparent clothes, because the body is clearly more visible when wet in the rain. 

Cotton fabrics are perfect for both rain and sunshine as they do not cling to your body, they dry easily and equally allow your skin to breathe in the sunshine. 

Whatever colour you settle for, remember it is your style and carriage that puts the panache into your looks even on a very wet or extremely sunny day.

 Please share your tips on great colour combos for the rains. Stay fit and dry.