As we get back to business from the lockdown we have all experienced in the last few months, the need to get back to some form of discipline at work is top on the agenda.

The challenge of the ‘new normal’ and the need for us all to get back to ‘full throttle’ and highly productive work, whilst remaining safe persists.

Now the need for ‘discipline at work’ becomes more paramount. 

But what really is ‘discipline @ work’?

Discipline is described as a ‘practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience’.

‘Discipline is action or inaction that is regulated to be in accordance with a particular system of governance and is commonly applied to regulating human and animal behaviour’.

The post-Covid era of working will require even more stringent application of ‘health and safety’ protocols whether staff work in the office environment or at home. As we have all been educated about how contagious this virus is, the only protection available to date is ‘prevention’.

We all must imbibe the discipline of regular hand washing, avoiding crowded areas, social-distancing, wearing of face masks and disinfecting hands and surfaces as often as possible with alcohol-based sanitisers!

Without observing these hygiene protocols, there may be a communal spread of the virus which could have lethal human and economic consequences.

If discipline had been lapse at home or in the office in areas of personal and public hygiene in the past, we as ladies in the home or in the office must be the drivers of this very important routine.

Workplace discipline is very important in keeping business and employees working well. Most companies have a thorough discipline policy that is shared with each employee that outlines the actions that will be taken if his or her behaviour or conduct becomes problematic.

The discipline for the new normal requires personal conviction and understanding of the consequences of spreading the virus knowingly or unknowingly.

Going forward, a clear disciplinary policy, post Covid 19, in the office or for remote working will help:

  • Set high standards.

  • Mould and correct behaviour.

  • Avoid major problem (by nipping smaller problems in the bud).

  • Prevent Lawsuits.

  • Promote a more productive workforce, frame of mind, work space/office environment.

  •  Promote general well-being and happiness of staff and clients, which impact the business more positively.

In conclusion, it is clear that ‘Discipline @ Work makes 

Work even better’.