Have you ever shown up at an event and realized you are not dressed properly? It could be a job interview, a party, or anything else where what you wear might possibly be evaluated. It could be downright awkward for you and the others you are with.

When it comes to the way we dress, most of us want it to express our individuality. We view our wardrobe as part of who and what we are, and want to be unique! Yet in reality, almost without exception, we are simply following the crowd.

There is an old saying: "Clothes make the man"€ Well, they make the woman too! When you dress better and especially for the occasion, you are automatically treated better. Have you ever noticed this?

While you cannot always dress in your best every minute of the day, you should dress for the occasion, activity or setting. What may be appropriate for a picnic (shorts, blouse or a pullover shirt) is not when dining at an upscale restaurant (dressy apparel).

Pyjamas are great to sleep in, but wearing such clothing in public should not be done. Jeans and T-shirts are fine for working, playing or just hanging out, but are not for every occasion. Here are 3 important rules to obey when dressing up for each occasion.

  1. Find your fit

You don't necessarily have to opt for outfits that are above the knee cuts, fitted tailoring with high platform shoes. Please don’t do this combination if you won't be able to relax or feel comfortable. Trust your instincts and ditch the pro-to-call dressing. Wear something breathable. This is because the people and outfits you would most likely admire at events are those who look effortless chic, somewhat less dressed up but look completely true to their own style!

Be in tune with your personal taste, tailoring and style and always wear the dresses and outfits that you truly feel your best in!

  1. Flats are always your go-to friends

I don't know what more to say than you don't need to wear high heels to look smart, chic, dressed up and fabulous. In fact, comfortable shoes will not only let you party longer but they'll also make you feel AND look far more comfortable. Flat heels have always been good to rock with just about anything you are wearing for any occasion. Truth is, hardly does anyone notice, you feel comfortable and are able to properly relax and truly enjoy your day.

  1. Re-cycle

And finally, who has time to spend weeks and weeks before events to find new dresses, new shoes and new bags to wear? Not me that's for sure, especially not when the events are so regular. So instead of planning event attires far in advance, you can simply go by the dresses you adore as and when you find them, and then when the day comes, you simply choose the dress or outfit you feel most comfortable in! They might not be the fanciest dresses or the ultimate glamour frock, but if you think they're sophisticated, chic and true to your style, opt for it!

And best of all I just recycle them throughout the year for the events that crop up. Most of the time the same people aren't necessarily going to be at every event you attend, and even if a few people are, they're very unlikely to care or be bothered by you wearing the same dress as you wore a few months back. So go forth and recycle your favourites! It's liberating and great for your wallet too!