Have you ever been at that point in life where you were afraid to unleash your full potential because there is always a voice waiting to say: no one wants to marry a woman that makes too much money/ what will you use all these titles and qualifications for after you enter your husband's house? Dear Gentleman, have you ever been the one to boast to your friends that will not allow my wife do a 9-5 job because she belongs in the house/ I will never marry a woman who has more qualifications or is more successful than me because she will not be submissive or she will not need me€? This article is for you.

Dear Lady,

You are enough but you need a man. Money cannot take the place of love; neither can love take the place of money. Yet, don't settle, don't. Compromise is key but you should not have to give up on your dreams to be with a man, or give up on love because of your dreams, either way, you will regret it. Pursue love the way that you chase your dreams, what will stay will stay. Love is not blind. A miracle happened at the beginning of the 21st Century and now it can see. Darling, love can see! Know what you are going into. Find a man that will let you shine. Find a man you love, and hope he is the same man that loves you back. Don't be anything to make him feel something. Don't be what the media says you are, or what the world says you should be. Be all of yourself and let him choose you anyway. Know yourself daily and learn how to be a better you every day. Unwrap your dreams, undress your ambitions, and if you get the slightest feeling that you threaten him, walk away or fly (whichever one is fastest). Be vulnerable. Be classy. Be in love. Be a boss. Don't apologize for the ones that don't appreciate your journey.

Dear Gentleman,

She is not your fault. If you are that man who would not date or approach a lady because she is successful and you have 1001 ideas about how she will disrespect you, and not be submissive, and does not possess the 100 yards quality wife material that you seek, you are insecure and she will not take the blame for that. She would have you know that she has not come this far by mistake, no sir! Her qualifications, her achievements, her dreams and her ambitions, have been very deliberate, and she has been strategic about them. If you cannot love that about her, don't shame her. Yes, she loves her job and would not give it up for you, but she loves you too. Don't make her have to choose between you two. No, she doesn't want you to complete her, she wants you to compliment her. Yes, she is enough but she needs you. Don't expect her to dim her light so you can shine. No, her financial freedom and business drive should not be your excuse for not being a man. Be yourself. Pay your dues. Show up, let her know she can count on you. No, her financial freedom is not the reason why she will not respect you. Respect is reciprocal. Respect is earned. Yes, she can be humble, homely, wife-able, teach-able and her financial freedom will not be a reason for anything she does or doesn't do, and will or will not do. Don't assume you know her until you actually do.

Share your experiences with us. Are you are an ambitious woman? Do you know any ambitious woman? What does it feel like being one or knowing one?