Its been weeks into full and partial lockdown and people are kind of getting used to this new mode of living and working.

Although there is nowhere spectacular to go at the moment, there is still need to care for your hair and make sure it looks good and neat at home and at play. 

Salons are still closed, meaning you have to take matters into your hands and fixyour own hair. 

If you're lucky, you can ask whoever you're in lockdown with to help you out at home or nearby.

Below are some ideas of simple hair styles that you can wear during this new normal, that are fairly easy to make, and gives you a good look day and night, online and offline.

Loose Cornrows 

This style is not just designed for kids, athletes and men. 

It is also a style statement for women who want to give their hair a break from chemical treatments or heat styling. 

Cornrows can have many variations to them. 

For instance, you can add extensions and an afro puff extension If you do not want to wear plain cornrows. Alternatively, add ponytail extensions to achieve a different look and feel.

Caring for cornrows if they get smelly and you do not want to undo them for a while can be easy.

A simple dab of mentholated spirit with a clean cotton face towel along each row, removes a bit of build-up of grime and also gives the rows a fresh smell. There are other off the shelf dry cleaningproducts you can explore once lockdown eases in full.


Bantu knots 

Bantu knots are cute, flirty hairstyles traditionally sported by some women of African and Nigerian descent.

These knotswork well with just about all hair types, natural and permed, etc.

They are not actually knots though, they are small coiled buns secured against the side of the head.

A good statement piece on your head, mainly because they have travelled across time and are still treasured to this day. 

Bantu Knots are a go-to if you want to protect your natural hair because they are very accommodating as they do not take into account your hair length and hair textures. 

Natural flat twist style

With flat twists, creativity knows no bounds. They are a very impressive in looks, and can be a neat way to give your hair an opportunity to grow fast especially at night time. 

They also help grow your edges and enrich your hair texture. 

The biggest plus for these flats are an easy dothat saves time and does not require much skill to do. 

Keeping your hair looking good is good business. Share other interesting and simple-to-do hairstyles with our community today!